Reduce your risk of tank failure!

Flexmaster - A uniquely designed flexible tank connection. 

Patent No. 7,195,284

Snyder’s latest product innovation, Flexmaster is a uniquely designed flexible tank connection that allows a tank’s sidewall to move freely, substantially reducing stress at fitting locations, resulting in longer, trouble free tank installations.
Flexmaster is constructed of the same polyethylene resin as the tank, which guarantees superior chemical resistance at a lower cost that traditional expansion joints.
Tank dimensions may vary depending on manufacturing location - please contact factory for drawing specific to the F.O.B. location. Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.
5390100N95401L 2" Flange Connector Assy HDLPE L
5390100N99601L 2" Flange Connector Assy XLPE L
5390000N95401L 3" Flange Connector Assy HDLPE L
5390000N99601L 3" Flange Connector Assy XLPE L