Plastic Septic Tanks Manufacturer and Supplier in Texas

Amprotec is known for giving customers best choice in solution and price for wastewater storage and management - a plastic septic tank. We feature among the leading suppliers and manufacturers of plastic tanks in Texas. Our product line includes plastic water storage tanks and plastic septic tanks that are designed with food grade polyethylene to conserve water safely and effectively. We have been operating in the water and chemical storage industry for the last 30 years. With such a long experience, we are capable to deliver quality products that you can consider for your septic needs. Be sure that our plastic septic tanks are strong, reliable, easy to install and offer you maintenance free service for years. We supply polyethylene septic tanks certified by FDA & NSF61 which will be appropriate for both domestic and commercial applications.

Our plastic septic tanks are seamlessly designed and rotationally molded to give rise to a single-piece unit in a corrugated design that would prove to be a great alternative to heavy weight and expensive concrete septic tanks. You can choose from these virgin plastic tanks to use it in ground for storing waste water in your residential building or commercial site. Whether you are looking to lower your septic tank cost in home, rv park, trailer, cottage, outhouse, modular building, our collection of plastic septic tanks is always available online for your choice and order.

If you are really concerned with the weight and price of concrete wastewater systems, our plastic septic tanks can be a good choice. They will be water tight, crack/corrosion proof and have better performance value than the concrete ones.

For cost-effective and reliable sewage treatment system, check out our plastic septic tanks online. If you want to purchase one you can order it immediately by calling us at 281.825.4050 or contacting us at