Plastic Rainwater Collection Tanks Manufacturer and Supplier in Texas

Amprotec has been producing quality rainwater collection tanks and supplying them at affordable rates to customers in and outside Texas. Today, rainwater collection tanks are the most perfect alternative to minimize your dependence on the city’s water supply. If there is a drought like situation, or water scarcity in your area for years, you need rainwater preservation systems to fight it effectively. We provide virgin polyethylene rainwater collection tanks in different designs and capacities to help you preserve a significant amount of your annual rainfall. All of our plastic tanks are durable and meet the FDA & NSF standards for plastics materials coming in contact with stored drinking water.

Being one of Texas's leading polyethylene tanks manufacturers and suppliers, we have a wide range of rainwater collection and storage tanks for commercial and residential applications. Our above ground plastic rainwater collection tanks are light, easy to carry and install, cost efficient and very strong. They are always manufactured as a single piece so as not to be left with holes that would end in leakage. You can also order them in custom sizes to give you the best experience in rainwater collection and management.

Rainwater collection tanks from Amprotec give you option in both in design and value when it comes to find the right storage system for rainwater in your home, agricultural farm or industry. So, get ready to save plenty of water from the rainfall this time with an Amprotec rainwater collection tank!

Amprotec has 30 years experience in chemical and water storage industry. Water conservation still continues to be a great issue in some parts of the US. Due to harsh climate conditions and the requirement to store natural water available, it’s time to order a reliable water storage system with us and enjoy the advantages of rainwater collection. To check out our rainwater collection tanks, contact us at 281 825 4050 or mail us Now!