Poly Tanks Manufacturing and Supply Service in Texas

Amprotec is a Texas based brine tanks supplier providing a wide array of poly tanks for regular use in the home, agricultural farm or industry. Our polyethylene tanks are light, durable, efficient and multi-purpose. Using them you can store everything from potable water and rainwater to chemical liquids and brine solutions safely. If you are looking for effective solutions for long term water storage, emergency backing in your home water storage tanks, fire protection & control or home gardening or agricultural irrigation, we have quality products in our stock.

Amprotec’s poly tanks are manufactured with FDA/NSF certified polyethylene materials and are perfectly safe to consume the conserved drinking water. Our plastic tanks are designed to resist load and corrosion, that’s why are widely preferred by people from all over the world. In fact, you can have these polyethylene storage tanks in the desired color, style and size on request.

We have 30 years of knowledge and experience in chemical and water storage systems. You can depend on us to get a poly tank system that fits your storage requirements. Our plastic water storage tanks vary from small and medium to large size- giving everyone a strong and economical choice for water and/or chemical storage.

Our plastic water tanks can be used in different applications; at your home to collect and conserve water, on the agriculture farm to supply water for irrigation, on business buildings to capture overflowing rainwater and in the industry, warehouse and processing units too. Go through our collection of poly tanks and order the right tank for your storage needs, or just make a call at 281.825.4050 to speak to one of our poly water tank specialists regarding your budget and needs.