Plastic Storage Tanks Manufacturer and Supplier in Texas

Amprotec is a specialized brine tanks supplier and manufacturer in Texas, offering plastic storage tanks to the water storage and chemical processing units. We have the industry's best collection of plastic water storage tanks and chemical storage tanks for transferring caustics, acids and other usable chemical compounds, including rainwater, drinking water, wastewater, food products, beverages and more. Our plastic storage tanks are FDA/NSF61 certified and molded perfectly with virgin plastic materials to function flawlessly as a single piece structure. You can purchase our poly tanks in different designs at reasonable price for use in your domestic or commercial applications. Whether you need a large or medium size plastic storage tank, our tank experts are accessible online to assist you with your choice of tanks ranging from 500 gallons to 10,000 gallons.

Food grade polyethylene is the material used in our plastic storage tanks in order to let you enjoy the natural taste and color of drinking water stored in these tanks even after many days. We provide different sizes and shapes of plastic storage tanks and take pride in delivering a perfect product to meet your storage needs.

Our plastic storage tanks and poly tanks are very flexible tanks and are most often used for the bulk storage and management of:

• Water (rainwater, drinking water, wastewater)

• Chemicals (industrial, agricultural)

• Liquid fertilizer

• Brine solution

If you face trouble in getting the right tanks or just need an expert opinion from our executives regarding your storage, kindly call us at 281 825 4050 or fill up our contact us form as soon as possible.