Plastic Water Tanks Manufacturer and Supplier in Texas

Amprotec is one of the leading Texas manufacturers and suppliers of brine tanks, polyethylene plastic water tanks and plastic septic tanks used for large volume of water storage in domestic and commercial applications. Today, plastic water tanks are the least expensive and an eco-friendly option to store drinking water and avoid water shortage. We continually improve our product lines to develop new designed and quality water tanks for use in agricultural firms, vineyard, fire protection, emergency water supply, and more. Our water storage tanks are made of linear polyethylene and meet FDA & NSF61 standard to be safe and effective for food manufacturing business, rainwater conservation or drinking water storage. Be sure that all of our water tanks are effectively designed and rotationally molded to appear as single piece tanks for affordable, dependable and safe water storage.

We are producing poly water tanks in different designs and sizes to serve variable water storage needs. From open top and closed top cone bottom water storage tanks (up to 10, 000 gallons), open top and closed top flat bottom water storage tanks (up to 16,000 gallons) to double wall tanks (up to 10,000 gallons) and horizontal tanks (up to 500 gallons), you can find every option in our store specific to your needs.

Amprotec supplies a wide variety of robust, hygienic, and custom tailored plastic water tanks with a flexible budget. Our water tanks contain 100% food grade linear plastic and are therefore capable to retain the natural taste and color of water for a longer period.

You can also have potable water tanks, horizontal water tanks and other tanks, with assured strength, durability, performance and functionality. Make sure to order them online and get delivered exactly to your own specifications at the right prices.

For lightweight, easily transferable, corrosion and pressure resistant polyethylene water tanks, call us at 281.825.4050 or write to us at